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drzwi przeciwpożarowe
Bramy przeciwpożarowe
bramy przeciwpożarowe
ścianki przeciwpożarowe
Stalowe drzwi i ścianki profilowe
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Drzwi stalowe, z blachy ocynkowanej do komórek lokatorskich
JAKRA Corporation Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dluga 2,  05-860 Plochocin       MAPKA

tel. 022-478-22-83
e-mail: firma@jakra.pl
tel. 022-722-55-31
tel. 022-478-31-41
kom. 0-501-639-115

Jakra Corporation occuppies cases against fire. Our offer involves service, completion, delivery and set up doors, steel and profile walls against fire with fire resistant from 0,5 to 2h, and also smoke flaps, luminous bands and systems installation of smoke destruction and an airing, gate's protection against fire of steel and wooden construction, protection against fire of cable culvert. We also do every kind of revisory doors, doors for shafts, doors for staircase, etc.
We have also our own powder varnisher's workshop which is equipped with stove made in the last generation of inside size 2500 x 3000 x 4000mm.
We have expanded our company in the new division situated in Białystok, which has marketing and services activities purposes in extent protection against fire in north-eastern Polish territories.

We deliver and install goods of our production on public utility objects like, e.g.:
- hospitals;
- trade - service and industrial buildings;
- offices;
- banks;
- settlement housing.

We would like to emphasize that in our offer You can find steel doors against fire, normative outside, against fire EI 30 and EI 60 fire-resistance, in size: 80, 90, 100, also doors closers and ferrules against fire in permanent sales from our warehouse.

Moreover, for our long- standing Customers we try to make a possibility to receive convenient discounts and terms of payment. In case of any unclearnesses we are available to help. We hope we will have good cooperation

JAKRA Corporation